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Natural Soaps

Natural Handmade SoapOur Natural Handmade Soap Bars are the perfect size at 4.5 oz each.  So the natural soap bar will roll in your hands, we shave the edges of the soap for the best and most comfortable Natural Soap Bar - just for you!  Our Natural Soap is made with wholesome vegetable oils each one serves a purpose.  We add Olive Oil and Shea Butter to perfectly moisturize your skin, Coconut Oil for the best lather possible, and the sustainable Palm Oil to create the hardest, longest lasting Natural Soap Bar.  Our Natural Soap Bars are infused with 100% natural Essential Oils and skin nourishing botanical ingredients.  All of this results in the best Natural Soap Bar possible.

PHCH Soap Co. has created an extensive line of Natural Soap Bars that we know you are going to love. Our natural soaps have been handcrafted with the use of only the finest essential oils and botanicals. Our premium formulations use only the finest and purest ingredients we can find to provide you with the best natural soap you will find anywhere. Our natural soap is in its purest form.  It gently cleanses away excess dirt and grime while leaving the natural oils to pamper your skin.  Our pure natural soap cleanses the skin while the naturally retained glycerin moisturizes it.  Our natural soaps contain butters and other vegetable oils to increase the moisturizing effect of the soap and herbs for a natural exfoliant.   With our handmade natural soap you get a fabulous cleanser and a moisturizer all in one, which was created to be healthy, cleansing, moisturizing and refreshing to your skin. So grab one of our natural soap bars offered in over 40 different scents.  As a bonus, we offer Free Soap Samples and include a free soap sample in every order.  If that was not enough, we also offer Free Shipping on every retail order over $50.00!

How to use your Natural Soap Bar:

Work our Natural Soap Bars into lather and massage over body. Rinse lather off thoroughly. May be used in bath or shower.

How to care for your Natural Soap Bar:

A happy soap is a dry soap! To prolong the life of your natural soap bar, place on a well draining soap dish. The best soap dish will allow any excess water to drain so that there is no contact of pooled water to your Natural Soap Bar. For long-term storage, store your Natural Soap Bar in a brown paper bag in a cool dark location such as a bathroom cabinet and if stored in back of towel cabinet, your towels will smell fresh like your Natural Soap Bar.

How long should your Natural Soap Bar last?

A quick snapshot comparison of our Natural Soap Bars to commercial liquid body wash will reveal that a single bar of Natural Soap will outlast an equally priced bottle of liquid body wash.  A properly maintained Natural Soap Bar will last the average person one shower/bath per day for 30 days.  If you purchase our Natural Soap with one of our bulk discounts, your Natural Soap Bar will knock the liquid body wash out of the park on price and cost-effectiveness.  Try it today to find out!