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Our Natural Deodorants are made with only the best ingredients.  We have formulated a Natural Deodorant that actually works.  Hundreds of our customers attest to how well our Natural Deodorants work.  We start our Natural Deodorants with simply and wonderfully natural vegetable oils and finish each one with a unique blend of essential oils that are specifically chosen to create the best Natural Deodorant available.  When we say deodorant that is what we mean.  Our deodorants are not antiperspirant disguised or mislabeled as deodorants.  Our deodorant is design to allow your body to sweat, which aids your body in ridding itself of toxins.  We refuse to use any of the industry-accepted methods to control sweating, such as aluminum salts and alcohols. Our Natural Deodorants are not a water-based product and therefore we have no need to add toxic preservatives such as parabens.  Grab a stick and feel the freeing sensation of a Natural Deodorant!

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