Bath Soap Ribbons


Bath Soap Ribbons in Hand Stamped 2 Ounce Pouch

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             PHCH Soap Company is introducing aromatic natural handmade SOAP RIBBONS. 

   Our 2 Ounce bag of shaved SOAP RIBBONS has a sweet smelling aroma and it doesn’t require repeated spraying!  Our Handmade Bath Soap Ribbons are multitaskers!  Put this little hand stamped bag in your car or in your closet.

 If you want to freshen up your teenagers room as well as the bathroom, then use this little bag of Bath Soap Ribbons!   Put one in a shoe box with a pair of shoes for a fragrant aroma.

You can put this hand stamped great smelling sack anywhere you want to smell the goodness.

When you’re done using your HAND STAMPED SOAP RIBBON POUCH in your car or wherever you decide to utilize it, pour it in your bath water for a pleasant relaxing aromatic bath.

You can also put some in the wash!

After you’ve used the handmade SOAP RIBBONS, use your HAND STAMPED SOAP RIBBON POUCH to carry your PHCH Soap Stick or Soap Bar when you travel.

You can’t go wrong with Pure Hearts & Clean Hands Soap Ribbons!

Try some today 🙂

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