Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar

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Our Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar is a delightful handmade soap bar that is loved by many. You will be delighted with this wonderful blend of Frankincense and Myrrh!

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Our Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar is a delightful handmade soap bar. You will be delighted with this wonderful blend of Frankincense and Myrrh! This potent mixture of natural ground Frankincense and Myrrh powder in our Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar are sure to satisfy your sense of smell with pleasure, while leaving your skin smelling and looking amazing all year round!

How to use your Natural Soap Bar:

Work our Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar into lather and massage over body. Rinse lather off thoroughly. May be used in bath or shower.

How to care for your Natural Soap Bar:

A happy soap is a dry soap! To prolong the life of your Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar, place on a well draining soap dish. The best soap dish will allow any excess water to drain so that there is no contact of pooled water to your Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar. For long term storage, store your Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar in a brown paper bag in a cool dark location such as a bathroom cabinet or if stored in back of towel cabinet, your towels will keep smelling fresh like your Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar.

How long should your Natural Soap Bar last?

A quick snapshot comparison of our Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bars to commercial liquid body wash will reveal that a single bar of Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap will outlast an equally priced bottle of liquid body wash.  A properly maintained Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar will last the average person one shower/bath per day for 30 days.  If you purchase our Frankincense & Myrrh Natural Soap with one of our bulk discounts, your Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar will knock the liquid body wash out of the park on price and cost-effectiveness.  Try it today to find out!


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4 reviews for Frank & Myrrh Natural Soap Bar

  1. Sherry Timmons of Goshen, Indiana

    Great soap!

    I really like these natural soaps.

  2. Anonymous of Plainville, Indiana

    Highly Recommended

    One loaf of soap can last for a year-well worth the cost. Using handmade soap has improved the quality in my skin. After 9 months, I noticed raised moles on my skin had become freckles. I do not have to use lotion as frequently as before.

  3. Colette (verified owner)


    My husband loves frank & myrrh natural soap. This one was too light on the scent. The soap is nice with good lather and silky skin but needs more essential oil.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    Good soap-faint fragrance

    I’ve ordered before and the scent was strong, not overpoweringly so. In the last batch it was very faint. The bars were very hard so I suspect it was just old stock from which the fragrance had evaporated.

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