Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar

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Our Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar has a delightful blend of fruity floral and crisp green apples. Kids seem to love the scent of this handcrafted green bar of handmade soap!

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If you like the scent of green apples, this is the handmade soap for you!  Our Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar has a very delightful blend of fruity floral and crisp green apples. It is made with dried green apple powder and a touch of apple fragrance. This is a beautifully handcrafted green bar of soap that kids seem to love!

How to use your Natural Soap Bar:

Work our Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar into lather and massage over body. Rinse lather off thoroughly. May be used in bath or shower.

How to care for your Natural Soap Bar:

A happy soap is a dry soap! To prolong the life of your Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar, place on a well draining soap dish. The best soap dish will allow any excess water to drain so that there is no contact of pooled water to your Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar. For long-term storage, store your Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar in a brown paper bag in a cool dark location such as a bathroom cabinet or if stored in back of towel cabinet, your towels will smell fresh like your Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar.

How long should your Natural Soap Bar last?

A quick snapshot comparison of our Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bars to commercial liquid body wash will reveal that a single bar of Granny Smith Handmade Soap will outlast an equally priced bottle of liquid body wash.  A properly maintained Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar will last the average person one shower/bath per day for 30 days.  If you purchase our Granny Smith Handmade Soap with one of our bulk discounts, your Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar will knock the liquid body wash out of the park on price and cost-effectiveness.  Try it today to find out!


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 Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Brassica Napus (Canola) Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Fragrance, Iron Oxide                

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Face Soap



3 reviews for Granny Smith Handmade Soap Bar

  1. jcbwrites of San Diego, California

    Truly Wonderful Soap!

    After 25 years of using Zest soap and wondering where my head itching and hair loss came from, trying out the Apple Handmade Soap made some terrific changes in showering! First the fragrance is great–very apple-ish but not too strong. Second it produces less suds than commercial soaps but still cleans very well. Finally, my head itching and constant resulting bumps are now gone–fantastic! Even better, washing my hair no longer results in lots of stray hairs sticking to the bar. Thanks for a fantastic product–definitely more orders will be coming!

  2. Michael S. of Chicago, Illinois

    Great Soap!

    I love all of the soaps from Pure Hearts and Clean Hands. They leave your skin moisturized and they also smell great. It’s also consoling to know that when I was my hands and/or body, that essential oils are being rubbed on me too, not chemicals.

  3. Gen


    I love this scent. Smell just like fresh apples.. I will be ordering more Earth Orange and Granny Smith. I not only love the products but also love working with the friendly people at pure hearts , clean hands….

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