Natural Earth Orange Deodorant

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Finally – a natural deodorant that works!! Our Natural Earth Orange Deodorant has a very unique aroma of sweet Orange and earthy Patchouli Essential Oils.

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Our Natural Earth Orange Deodorant has a very unique aroma of sweet Orange and earthy Patchouli Essential Oils. Combined, these two complement one another in more than just smell. Orange Essential Oil has many health benefits.  In our natural deodorant it is a good mask to underarm odors.  Patchouli Essential Oil soothes inflammation, helps treat eczema, heals cuts, and speeds up the fading of scars. We have also included Tea Tree Essential Oil, which acts as a natural anti-microbial and controls the growth of bacteria and fungus to prevent any unpleasant underarm smell.

No Aluminum Salts!  No Alcohol!  No Parabens!

This is your all-natural body odor controlling deodorant for men and women that goes on smooth and keeps you smelling fresh all day and night!  This is a deodorant that you will be glad you found!

How to use your Natural Handmade Deodorant:

Our Natural Earth Orange Deodorant is not like your “normal” deodorant.  They are designed to melt, slightly, at body temperature. Simply place the deodorant to your underarms.  Allow the deodorant to melt just a little bit then rub it on.  You will notice that it feels different from what you have been using – but hang in there with it and you’ll be glad you did!  You should not find the need to reapply throughout the day.

How to care for your Natural Handmade Deodorant:

Because our Natural Earth Orange Deodorant does melt at body temperature you will want to pay special attention to the climate in which you store your natural handmade deodorant. Keep it somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

How does our Natural Handmade Deodorant compare to antiperspirant?

Our Natural Earth Orange Deodorant is different to the commercial antiperspirant.  When we say “deodorant”, we are creating a product that will do just that – deodorize.  Our natural handmade deodorants do not contain aluminum, alcohol, or parabens – because we believe those are harmful to our bodies.  Aluminum – clogs the skin pores, alcohol – shrinks the skin pores, and parabens are preservatives that are known endocrine disruptors.  So we want to keep those nasty things out of our handmade products!  Will you still sweat using our natural deodorants? Yes. Will you have body odor? No.  We believe that God created our bodies to sweat.  It is through sweating that our bodies are able to release toxins that make it inside.  So, we have made for you a truly natural deodorant that will allow your body to do what it is suppose to do – all the while – taming the odor.

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21 reviews for Natural Earth Orange Deodorant

  1. Andy of Worcester, Massachusetts


    It’s a good deodorant. I’m may buy again.

  2. Anonymous of Norfolk, Virginia


    We really love this deodorant. It travels well and actually works unlike many other natural kinds we have tried

  3. Catie of Bloomington

    Love this stuff!

    I absolutely love this deodorant! It’s smells lovely, and works amazingly well. My husband uses it too, and he’s impressed.

  4. Anonymous of Owasso, Oklahoma

    Natural Earth Orange Deodorant

    works and smells GREAT!! love it!!

  5. Michele of oswego, Illinois

    Earth Orange

    Great product!

  6. BambiS of Mtn Home AFB, Idaho

    Great product

    I bought this because I have a hard time finding deodorant that works and smells good. This stuff works and smells good!

  7. Anonymous of Indinapolis, Indiana

    Please NEVER stop making this product!!!!!!!!

    This is the ONLY deoderant that has ever worked for me! Before I would shower & use my old deoderant (clinical strength) and 30 minutes later have a strong underarm odor again. This product lasts the whole day for a fraction of the price!! I love this stuff and will never buy another product other than this. Thank you Pure Hearts for an amazing product!!

  8. Anonymous of Detroit, Michigan


    Lasts ALL day! What more can you ask for in a deodorant. I put it on in the morning and can still smell it at night.

  9. Michael

    Great product.

    At first I thought the price was a little too high, but then I figured I would rather put natural product on my skin rather than chemicals found in the Old Spice deodorant I previously used.

    To my great surprised, the deodorant works well and the value is actually great! I’ve been using the same stick for almost 6 months now; I expect it to last another month as well.

  10. Teresa (Tess) (verified owner)


    I was very hesitant to try a natural deodorant. I was convinced that it wouldn’t work. I was so wrong. It is excellent! I own a cleaning business and I obviously work hard and need a really strong deodorant. This does the job. Love it!

  11. Dave P. (verified owner)

    Great deodorant! I use only this!

    This is the only deodorant I use – I think it is the orange oil that is the most effective ingredient, but I know that it seems to work even better than anything I have ever gotten off the shelf of a local store!

    The fact that it uses natural butters and oils without any preservatives, parabens, aluminum, or anything else that is toxic to the body in the amounts that is found in typical “off the shelf” deodorant products is all just a bonus since it works so well! (Being natural & organic is the main reason I tried it – it’s effectiveness is why I stuck with it.)

    Be aware – I am male, and I love it, but my wife does not like using it on herself due to how thick it is; if you shave your underarms, as my wife does, this product may prove to be a little too tacky for your tastes, but I still suggest trying it once. (She uses one that has a lot of arrowroot powder in it, which feels more silky and less tacky. I find that product does not work as well as this one, though.)

  12. Catie (verified owner)

    The only deodorant I use!

    Works great, smells great. The only issue I have is build up stains on my clothes from the oils in the deodorant – I use a little dish soap on them every few washes and it comes out, so I don’t consider it a deal breaker. I love the natural product, and this is the only deodorant that actually works for me. I’m stinky without it!

  13. Mary (verified owner)


    I was skeptical, because when I sweat, let’s face it, I stink. This blocks the odor and stays dry and fresh.

  14. Jan (verified owner)

    Great Product Love it

    Recently bought the Earth Orange & Lemongrass. It works very well, a generous portion, & fair price. Love all of your products
    Good Job. With so many chemicals in our environment this is a blessing.

  15. Ginni

    Great Product

    I truly enjoy using this deodorant. My motivation to buy this product was because I wanted a healthier option to fighting perspiration then other products. Man does this stuff work! I have not had a single time in the two weeks of using it where I had sweat marks or even a smell. I will be buying this for my husband because it is that tough!

  16. Ginni

    amazing smell

    Smells amazing and it was free! I will be purchasing their soaps because they work wonderful and smell even better!

  17. Randy (verified owner)

    we all loved it

    Great product! The scent is not over-powering so can be used for men or women. We all loved it.

  18. Jinger (verified owner)

    My daughter’s favorite scent!

    We’ve been using this deodorant for a year now and it works great – even in the hot summer months! The orange scent is my daughter’s favorite!

  19. Christine (verified owner)

    Orange deodorant awesome

    This is the best deal that I have ever used. I have always had body odor issues even as a young child. I have used many natural and regular deodorants and this is the only one that is not sticky and works wonderful. I will never use another one. Please stay in business.

  20. Jennifer (verified owner)

    It works great!

    It really keeps you from stinking and the orange scent is really nice! It is better than i expected

  21. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Not happy!

    I love the Earth Orange soap, so I thought I would try the Earth Orange deodorant since all natural deodorant is very hard to find and I have had great results with the all natural soap.I ordered this product and was very dissatisfied. It was so tough and dried out I could not even use it:(

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