Natural Pumice Stone


Natural Pumice Stone is excellent for removing dead, callused skin from our body.

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                                                                               What is a Natural Pumice Stone:

PHCH Natural Pumice Stone is 100% natural.  Pumice stone is a product of volcanic lava that has cooled and hardened with small pockets of gas that give it the rough texture used to remove dead, callused skin.  Natural Pumice Stone is typically used on the feet to exfoliate and remove years of dead skin.  The Natural Pumice Stone can also be used as a common household scrubber on areas where nothing else seems to work!

How to use a Natural Pumice Stone:

To use a Natural Pumice Stone, you will first want to soak your feet in warm water for 5-10 minutes.  Dip your Natural Pumice Stone in warm soapy water and apply to feet.  Gently apply a very small amount of pressure to your foot as you rub the stone back and forth.  Do this for about 30 seconds.  Wash off dead skin.  Apply Pure Hearts & Clean Hands Natural Lotion Bar to finish.  Now – enjoy softer feet!  

How to care for a Natural Pumice Stone:

The Natural Pumice Stone should be kept clean and dry. A Pumice Stone is very porous and because it is, you will need to make sure to clean the “extra’s” out of your Pumice Stone so bacteria doesn’t have time to grow. Use a small cleaning brush to dislodge any particles that are stuck in the pores. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or warm soapy water. Regardless of the method you use, make sure your Natural Pumice Stone dries between uses.


The medical field discourages diabetics, hemophiliacs and those dealing with poor blood circulation from using pumice stones  because of the pressure application in the case of  skin break or bleeding.

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