Natural Skin Rejuvenating Oil – 1 oz.

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A must have – “good for any and everything” oil! We know this oil as the “oil of 1,000 uses.”

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A Multi Purpose Oil

Do you have annoying little dry spots on your skin? Do you have age lines that need some attention? Do you suffer with arthritis? We recommend using our “multi-purpose” Skin Rejuvenating Oil.  It also serves as an eye make-up remover and it can even be used in very small amounts on your hair to give it a great shine!

Why we offer Skin Rejuvenating Oil

There are several reasons why we offer Skin Rejuvenating Oil.  When our company first began, we offered  Rejuvenating Oil as a key step when applying our Simply Earth Mineral Cosmetics.  When using on the face it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, by thickening the skin.  Rejuvenating Oil helps set Simply Earth Mineral Foundation and has been known to reduce age spots.

Through research we learned this “multi-purpose” oil should not be limited to the face alone.  Our customers tell us that it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with scars and arthritis pain.  It helps relieve sore muscles, heals cuts, takes the pain out of burns, and much more!  Rejuvenating Oil acts as a “therapeutic balm” by helping to add moisture to those annoying dry spots on our skin when it seems like nothing else works!  It helps with itching, redness on the face and body, and other skin issues that may plague us.  When our boys get cut or have burns, they do not ask for crèmes from a retail store – they do not ask for band-aids – they ask for emu oil!  🙂  Our Skin Rejuvenating Oil is a natural healer for many of our day to day struggles.

How to use our Rejuvenating Oil?

After using our handmade face soap to wash your face in the morning and at night before bed, put one pump of the Skin Rejuvenating Oil in your hands and rub together. Apply to entire face and neck. It should not feel heavy – you want only enough to simply add moisture to your face.  It will soak right in and your face will feel amazing!

What is in our Rejuvenating Oil and where does it come from?

Our Skin Rejuvenating Oil is 100% Emu Oil.  It does not contain anything unnatural like steroids or hormones.  And is taken from the emu in a very natural way. Emu oil comes from a bird that looks similar to an ostrich. In other countries, mainly Australia, and parts of America emu meat is a delicacy.  Emus are best known for their low fat, high in iron, meat.  Each Emu has a 3-5 inch layer of fat on their backs, which help to protect them from the hot arid climates in which they live.  This layer of fat is where Emu Oil is sourced.  If you give it a try you will find it to be as useful as we have!

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2 reviews for Natural Skin Rejuvenating Oil – 1 oz.

  1. Gerri (verified owner)

    Natural Skin Rejuvinating Oil

    I L O V E your Natural Skin Rejuvenating Oil! I’m so sensitive to face products/moisturizer’s, and this does all I need it to. Thank you for carrying this product- NO MORE SEARCHING FOR ME.

    Gerri L.
    Washington State

  2. Wendy (verified owner)

    This works wonderfully!

    I have tried every oil imaginable to help with dry areas on my skin, but every single one makes me break out. This oil has changed my skin completely after 2 weeks. I use it twice a day, and can’t rave enough about it!

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