Natural Skin Rejuvenating Oil – 2 oz.

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A must have! – “Good for anything and everything” oil!  We know this oil as the “oil of 1,000 uses.”

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Do you have those annoying little dry spots on your skin? Do you have aging lines that need some attention? Arthritis? We recommend using our “multi-purpose” Skin Rejuvenating Oil.  It also serves as an eye make-up remover and in very small amounts can even be used on your hair to give it a great shine!

Why do we offer Skin Rejuvenating Oil?

 We offer Skin Rejuvenating Oil for many reasons.  When our company first began, we offered Rejuvenating Oil as a key step when applying our Simply Earth Mineral Cosmetics.  Skin Rejuvenating Oil helps to ‘set’ our Simply Earth Mineral Foundation.  When using on the face it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles by thickening the skin.

Our Skin Rejuvenating Oil also reduces age spots.

Through research we learned this “multi-purpose” oil should not be limited to the face alone.  We’ve had customers tell us that it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with scars, helps with arthritis pain, helps relieve sore muscles, heals cuts, takes the pain out of burns, and so much more!  It acts as a “therapeutic balm” and helps  add moisture to those dry annoying spots on our skin that nothing else seems to work for!  It helps with itching and redness on the face and body, or any other skin issues that may plague us.  When our boys get cut or have burns, they do not ask for crèmes that you would get in a store and they do not ask for band-aids.  They ask for emu oil!  🙂

 Our Skin Rejuvenating Oil is a natural healer for many of our day in and day out struggles.

How to use our Rejuvenating Oil?

After using our handmade face soap to wash your face in the morning and at night before going to bed, put one pump of the Skin Rejuvenating Oil in your hands.  Rub hands together. Apply to entire face and neck if desired. It should not feel heavy – you want enough to simply add moisture to your face.  It will soak right in and your face will feel amazing!

What is in our Rejuvenating Oil and where does emu oil come from?

Our Skin Rejuvenating Oil is 100% Emu Oil.  It does not contain anything unnatural like steroids or hormones.  It is taken from the emu in a very natural way. Emu oil comes from a bird – that looks similar to an ostrich. In other countries, mainly Australia, and parts of America emu meat is a delicacy.  Emus are best known for their low fat, high in iron, meat.   Emus has a 3-5 inch layer of fat on their backs, which help to protect them from the hot arid climate in which they live.  This layer of fat is where Emu Oil is sourced.  If you give it a try you will find it to be as useful as we have!

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25 reviews for Natural Skin Rejuvenating Oil – 2 oz.

  1. Anonymous of ‘wheatland, Indiana

    Highly Recommend!

    Love this moisturizer!

  2. Anonymous of Milford, Michigan

    Absolutely love it!!!!

    My facial skin has never looked so hydrated with a natural glow. I use just a little around my eyes and cheeks before bed to remove my makeup and I wake up with great feeling and looking skin.

  3. Debra Huey of Lancaster, South Carolina

    Awesome product!

    I have very dry skin. This skin rejuvenating oil is simply wonderful! I highly recommend you give it a try. My cabinet will never be without it again. Thanks!!!! Deb Huey Lancaster,SC

  4. Anonymous of Panama City, Florida

    many uses

    I wanted to tell you that I found a wonderful use for the Rejuvenating oil besides the eye area. Know that scaly patch on my right cheek I tried unsuccessfully to get lasered off? Regular facial moisturizer does nothing on that spot. Add a bit of makeup and it becomes flaky and dried looking. Rejuvenating oil is keeping it from scaling–even with makeup. Thank you again!

  5. Rita H of Bloomington, Indiana

    Highly Recommended!!!

    I never want to be without the Skin Rejuvenating Oil again. I use it for almost everything; face moisturizer, eye makeup remover, chapped lips, burns, bug bites, cuticles and even nail fungus. I love the oil and so does my family.




  7. Anonymous of Bicknell, Indiana

    Highly Recommended!

    Amazing natural product and very versatile.

  8. Haley of Vincennes, Indiana

    Fascinating product

    never heard of emu oil until PHCH introduced it. It’s doesn’t work for me as a moisturizer, but I use it regularly to remove my eye makeup. It helps with dry skin around the eyes as well. I also use it for winter dryness on my biceps.

  9. Anonymous of San Diego, California

    Rejuvenating Indeed!

    I use this stuff every morning…and have for the past year or so and I must say…WOW! My skin literally looks and feels younger, fresher, and lively!! Gives me a glow:). Also, it’s great on the lips and the feet. Love it! Thank you PHCH!

  10. Stephanie Galuppo of San Diego, California

    I call this my ‘Everything Oil’

    Absolutely LOVE it! Use it every day on my face, my cuticles, and will occasionally rub a dab into my hands and toy away the ‘flyaways’ on the days my hair feels it needs to be all over the place. Works great! Oh, and for sunburns and cuts? Wow! Love it!

  11. Anonymous of Bloomington, Indiana


    I have been using this for almost a week. The weather is getting colder and even though my face is extremely oily, it does get very dry right after I wash my face. It does a really good job giving me the moisture I need. I suffer from really bad acne and unfortunately have to use really strong topical medicine for it. I put the rejuvenating oil on first and then apply the medicine even before it soaks all in, my face feels sooo much better when I do it this way. Before the medicine dried it out, made it red and irritated and now it doesn’t do that!

  12. Alice of Webster, New York

    Time for a bigger bottle.

    It’s true that a little of the Skin Rejuvenating Oil goes a long way, but it was time to reorder. I like to use it year round (especially as an under-eye treatment), so an even bigger bottle is on its way.

  13. Anonymous of Raton, New Mexico

    Highly Recommended!

    Skin Rejuvenating Oil is great for smoothing and reducing wrinkles, fine lines from your face. It will make your face feel smooth and years younger.

  14. Anonymous of Plainville, Indiana

    useful for sunburns.

    I purchased this for the purpose of using it on a sunburn. My son is fair skinned and I knew he would burn while we were on vacation. Of course, he was badly burned! I used the emu oil on his skin a few times a day for 2-3 days and his burn did not blister nor peel.

  15. Susan (verified owner)

    Rejuvenating Oil

    I’ve been using this for over two weeks on my face, neck and hands. I’m not sure I’m seeing any physical changes yet, but my skin feels very soft and nourished. I plan to continue using this and will update my review.

  16. Lana (verified owner)

    Love this product!

    My face is very dry and this is the best thing I’ve ever used and can notice a difference in my skin within a few days, this is all I will be buying from now on!

  17. Debbie (verified owner)

    Works Wonders

    Emu oil is good for so many things. I use it on my face as an anti-aging oil and my skin looks healthy and fresh and I have used it on other areas of my body as a healing oil. Nothing beats all natural ingredients and this oil is ‘da bomb!!’

  18. Tracey

    It works!

    The longer I use this, the more uses I find for it. I started using it on my face at night and loved it. I started using it for scrapes and cuts and loved it even more. We now use it for burns, blisters, calluses, dry patches and just about any skin issue we come across.

  19. Ame (verified owner)

    emu oil

    Very smooth and light, soothing on dry hands.

  20. Jennifer

    Awesome stuff!!

    You can literally use this for almost anything. Most versitile oil i have ever bought.

  21. Amanda

    Must Have!

    The first day after we got this in the mail, I started using it on my hands after I did dishes…its amazing the difference after just a few days!

  22. Catherine

    Great Stuff

    I’ve always loved this product as a facial moisturizer, but this winter it was a life saver. My skin was so dry and cracked and bleeding all the time, and I used everything from coconut oil to shea butter with no relief. I decided to try this on my legs and other dry areas, and it was exactly what I needed. Great stuff.

  23. Donna

    Highly recommend

    I use this especially in the winter because my skin is dry. I use it on my face especially with the terrible winds we have had. I highly recommend and a little goes a long way.

  24. Connie (verified owner)

    Love this!

    One of my favorite products!

  25. Connie (verified owner)

    An amazing product!

    The oil absorbs right in. Leaving your skin feeling and looking awesome. Can use anywhere!

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